Ease Your Work With Digital Pressure Gauge and Testing Equipments

Digital technology has been long established in mid-twentieth century with the profound minds. Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Multimeters are the contributions of digital world. Today, this technology is a need of every growing industry related to food processing, automobile etc. Based on mathematics concept Digital technology has been widely acclaimed in different spheres of working environment. Constructed on numbers with easy transmission of information in a compressed storage format, Read more [...]

VoIP to Be the Trendsetter in Mobile Telecommunications

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol networks have slowly gained a foothold on telecommunications and are slowly replacing standard PSTN phones as the mainstream telephony devices used for personal, commercial and industrial use. As people and businesses continue to demand more cost-effective communications solutions, VoIP technologies is turning towards the mobile market. Mobile devices can be transformed into a VoIP phone with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) clients - the same signaling Read more [...]

Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

HistoryThe current R&TTE Directive, 1999/5/EC, came into force on 7 April 2000 and replaced a combination of national Radio Spectrum Requirements for transmitters and directive 98/12/EC for Telecommunication Terminal Equipment.The Radio Equipment DirectiveThe text of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) was adopted at its first reading by the EU Parliament on 13th March 2014, by the EU Council on 14th April and published as Directive 2014/53/EU on 22 May.The RED has four main objectives:To Read more [...]

Spectrum Analyzers – Why Are They Important in the Telecommunications and Audio Industries?

A spectrum analyzer (also sometimes referred to as a spectral analyzer) is a device which measures an electrical, optical or audio waveform. A spectrum analyzer displays the frequency response curve as it is occurring in real time. It can also measure the power spectrum when used with a properly calibrated antenna.There are two types of spectrum analyzers, analog and digital. The analog variety comes in two types. One works by the means of a variable band-pass filter whose mid-frequency is swept Read more [...]